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Traditional  Trapping Methods

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I have been working hard honing my mole catching skills for a while now, and atlas all those hours put in are now paying off.

Only using traditional trapping methods That are time proven and humane.


Traps are far better for the environment and with a trap you actually see the mole you have caught, unlike gasses or poisons where you just have to hope you got them.

Almost every day I am out trapping moles somewhere in Cornwall, it just shows since the ban on strychnine back in 2006 the mole population is very healthy.

Nearly every field of piece of grass you go past these days seem to have at least one molehill on it.

As I travel around Cornwall mole catching. I try to keep a video diary that sooner or later I may start posting on here. I have posted a few youtube videos but they are only very basic So watch this space.